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Who is David Jackson?


Hello, my name’s David. I’m a 36 yo dad, work for a local Charity and I owe my current good health to cycling. Most of my life I’ve been overweight: at 30 years old I was dangerously unfit with a resting heart rate of 100, tendonitis made walking difficult and I weighed over 150 kg. In 2012 my daughter started school miles from my house; since I don’t drive my solution was a cheap ebay bike and child trailer. While Bradley Wiggins, Lizzie Armitstead and Chris Froome were winning Olympic medals in London, I started pedaling around Greater Manchester. Now, I commute by bike rain or shine, all year round. I’ve lost 30 kg and my resting heart rate is below 60. Cycling has also invaded my holidays and taken me through Spanish National Parks, around Maltese Islands and once during high tide into the Mediterranean Sea by mistake.


In 2016 I lost a family member to Pancreatic Cancer. With the help of Allez Prestwich Cycling Club I prepared for my greatest cycling achievement so far: raising funds for the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund (PCRF) during the inaugural Tour de Manc (TdM). I completed the 100km Half Manc in memory of a man I greatly respected. The next TdM is on 4th June 2017 and I’m riding my first Century and again will be riding in memory of Graham. Please consider joining the next TdM as I’d really enjoy some company and it’s a great opportunity to raise money for Charities! Watch this space for my training updates and some interesting and educational snippets enroute.

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