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  1. Do you allow bikes with Aero/tri bars?

    1. Yes – However we expect all riders to ride according to the highway code and racing or time trialling is not permitted. You must ready to brake at any time, take immediate avoiding action and prepare for riding in groups; tri bars tend not to be conducive to safe riding under these conditions.
  2. Can you change routes once you’ve booked?

    1. Yes – just let us know at and we’ll change it for you.
  3. Will the Mini Manc be on the same day as the Half, Full and Mad Manc

    1. No — the Mini Manc will be held on the 12th July and will start & Finish at the Tameside Cycle Circuit, some distance away from our start at the David Lloyd Centre in Middleton.
  4. What happens if I don’t think I will be able to complete the Full/Mad Manc in time

    1. Divert down the Half Manc route, or Full Manc if on Mad Manc. We will have a marshal at the route split at 55 Miles/ 88Km mark and the loops on Mad Manc.
      Note: The longer routes (Full/Mad Manc) will close regardless at 2.15pm
    2. A close time of 2.15pm will give riders 3hrs 30mins to do the remaining 58 Miles of the Full Manc. When you arrive at the route split, calculate whether you can finish the remaining distance before 5.45pm when the Finish line closes. If unsure, divert down the Half Manc route.
  5. Is there a discount to the ride if I’m a member of British Cycling or another Cycling Association

    1. No – We are a charity ride, run 100% by unpaid volunteers for no commercial gain…if we gave discounts, this would reduce our charitable giving capability…. So we don’t. We hope you understand.
  6. Can I ride if I am under 18.

    1. Yes as long as you supply us with a completed parental consent form before the ride. If you are under 16 you will have to ride with a responsible adult and supply us with a completed parental consent form before the ride.
  7. What Time will registration/sign-on open?

    1. You will be able to register and pick up your ride number from the David Lloyd on Saturday 2nd May between 12 and 5 pm. They will be briefed about the ride on the Saturday and can depart as soon as you arrive from a dedicated start area on the Sunday.
    2. On the Sunday 3rd May registration/sign-on opens at 7.10 am
  8. What time will the riders set off on Sunday

    1. Those riders that registered on Saturday will be able to set off without another briefing and leave directly at 7.30am from a dedicated start area
    2. Those riders that register on Sunday morning will have to queue and wait to be released after a briefing. First rider briefing is completed at 7.30am when the first group will depart
    3. Riders doing the 200Km Mad Manc will depart after a briefing from 7.30am
    4. Riders doing the 110Mile Full Manc will leave after a briefing from 7.45am
    5. Riders doing the 100Km half Manc will leave after a briefing from 8.15 am
    6. All riders, regardless of chosen distance must depart, after a briefing by 9.30am
  9. Can I get a refund?

    1. Unfortunately, we don’t issue refunds as we are 100% charitable (run completely by volunteers) and in effect would have to claw back funds from the headline charities.  (Our Refund policy is expressly stated in the Ts and Cs on our website…and is in line with the practice at similar sports as well as most commercial cycling events too).
    2. If you do need to withdraw or cancel, we are able to offer you a change of name or a deferred entry to 2021. Please contact with your details.
  10. Are there facilities for Spectators?

    1. Yes, your friends, family, supporters or sponsors are welcome to the David Lloyd Centre throughout the day. Or they may want to cheer you at points on route or encourage you at one of the many feed stations. In fact, please encourage them to come along and enjoy / contribute to the atmosphere. The route and feed stations are well marked and the GPX files available.
  11. Can riders in Half, Full and Mad Manc ride together

    1. Yes. Please let one of our organisers know if you how a group team that wants to ride together. The Full / Mad is purposely designed so that stronger Mad Manc riders can peel off on short / sharp extra loops and re-join the Full Manc later. However, please bear in mind that Half Manc splits away about mid-way through Full Manc, and does not re-join until the finish.
  12. Can I go for practice / training rides on the course?

    1. Yes. Please do. The GPX and TCX files are available on our Strava group page and links on our website.
    2. Please ride and if you would like to give us any feedback, we would welcome it. Contact us at

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