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Eh up, it’s the Tour de Manc 2023 Jersey!

Pop your e-mail address in at the bottom of this page for a chance to win this years jersey!

We’re not designers. We’re not even particularly good at wearing cycling clothes. Some of us are of a certain age. If you know, you well and truly know.

For those of you who have purchased one in the past, we thank you, sincerely. Seeing you riding round flying the flag for us is immensely satisfying.

Once a year we sit down around a table and try to come up with a new design for the Tour de Manc Jerseys. This little article will tell you how and why we have chosen to do the things we do – even if sometimes it’s because we thought it would be cool. We reiterate, we’re not designers.

Also, if you leave your e-mail address at the bottom of this page one of you lucky lot will win the 2023 version!

1. We’ve got a colour scheme!

And we promise it’s got nowt to do with football teams. Tour de Manc has always been Red, White, and Black. We can’t quite remember how it came about, but it felt classic – and the Tour de Manc is fast becoming a classic sportive. Plus, remember how we said some of us are of a certain age? Black is always flattering…!

This year we’ve decided on quite a classic design, with the white band encapsulating the torso. This is a not so subtle nod to some of the timeless pro team jerseys of years gone by, but we think it’s contemporary enough to not stick out like a sore thumb on the Sunday club run.

2. We’ve got some ace sponsors

Part of being a charity is raising money. In fact it’s quite a big part of a charity. Every year we have a sit down and a cuppa with some different businesses and work out who wants to go where on the new jersey. Speaking of, if you’re interested in becoming a jersey sponsor for Tour de Manc you can get in touch with us here

3. We start bold, and then we bring it back.

If only we could show you some of the designs that didn’t make the cut! We keep them closely guarded in case fashion changes and they end up being used later down the road but trust us when we tell you that we’ve had some outlandish ideas. From Mondrian blocks to graffiti to a montage of all your Manc heroes.

4. We choose suppliers that know how to make quality kit that lasts.

This year we’re using Schutt Velo Rapide, as we have for a few years now. Schutt make some cracking kit in a range of sizes and make good use of fabrics that are produced with eco credentials we can stand by.

5. We like to have two options

This year we’ve got an “Italian fit” and a “classic fit”. The Italian fit is an aero race jersey, and the classic is a more relaxed sportive style jersey. Both are available in a number of sizes but we’d urge you to check the size guide to be on the safe side.

We can’t wait to see you wonderful lot out and about rocking your Tour de Manc colours this year! If you want to be in with a chance of winning this years jersey, simply sign up with your email address below and we’ll be drawing a winner on the 1st of March!

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