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Mini Manc

Mini-Manc is a family oriented ride with multiple distance options. You can stay on an enclosed purpose built track or ride on the road, depending upon your preference.

Mini-Manc 1-8km: This takes place at the starting/HQ venue and covers circuits of the closed road 1km track. It is a completely flat tarmac course, with grass run offs and designed for bicycles…an ideal circuit for those lacking road confidence. You can do a single lap of 1km or a number of laps through to 8km – the choice is yours. We can even loan you a bike as part of your ticket (bikes are subject to availability and correct sizing).

Difficulty rating* – Very Easy (1/10) – Flat and relatively short

Mini-Manc 16km: This takes place on an open road route. Whilst this route does include some short distances on A-Roads (so you must be competent on a bicycle), much of the route is on quiet roads and country lanes. You will have some easy hills and two short climbs but after 7km all the work has been done and it’s flat or gentle downhill until the finish.

Difficulty rating* – Easy (2.5/10) – Some inclines and short to moderate distance

Mini-Manc 35km: This takes place on an open road route. The route follows the same course as the 16Km ride, until the route separates around 12.6km at the Lees Road Junction with Broadoak Road. This route has two additional inclines. The first, gradually climbing through Mossley Cross, leveling off and then continuing to climb past Grasscroft. You get a varied terrain to Uppermill where a drink stop awaits just through the village. Here the route splits, with the longer ride heading out towards Delph, whilst this route heads back. On your return, you have time to warm up again before you climb towards Mossley. As you summit that climb, it’s downhill, or flat all the way to the finish.

Difficulty rating* – Moderate (4/10) – Some hills, sustained climbs and moderate distance

Mini-Manc 48km: The route follows the same course as the 35km ride, until the route separates at the drinks stop. Here the long route turns left and heads towards New Delph, peeling left off the main road to wind your way through country lanes, past beautiful reservoirs and climb to the highest point on the route at 1011ft/309m above sea level. Then a speedy descent passing the drinks stop (now on your right hand side), where you can stop again if you need to. You then rejoin the 35Km route and head South towards your final climb.

Difficulty rating* – Medium (5.5/10) – Some significant hills and medium distance

(Ratings are out of 10, where 10 is extremely challenging. The Half-Manc sportive we would rate as a 7/10 and the Full-Manc sportive we would rate a 9/10)

All the routes are expertly signposted and we will have on-route marshals and mobile marshals to assist.
There’s something for everyone, so why not give the Mini-Manc a go. Show us what you’re made of.

Finishers Medal and free photography for every finisher and you may win a #BeeManc prize.


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