Gift Aid

Giving to Tour de Manc and what it means to you

Make an even bigger impact by making your gift tax efficient.

If you are giving personally, and you are a UK taxpayer, you can declare that your contribution should be treated as a Gift Aid donation. Gift Aid is a government scheme that allows charities to reclaim the tax that has already been paid on donations made by a UK taxpayer. This means your donation will be worth an extra 25%, at no extra cost to you.

Through the Gift Aid scheme you can help many people rebuild their lives, and be rewarded at the same time. Click here to go to our Gift Aid form.


What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a government scheme that allows charities to reclaim the tax that has already been paid on donations made by a UK taxpayer, which means your donations will be worth an extra 25%. All donations (excluding those made through Charities Aid Foundation, payroll giving or collections) are eligible for the scheme – including regular giving such as Direct Debits and Standing Orders. Donations must come from the individual as donations made on behalf of a group or collection do not qualify on an individual declaration.

How does the scheme work?

If you are currently a UK taxpayer and have completed a Gift Aid Declaration for St Mungo’s, we can claim back 25p for every £1 that you donate at no extra cost to you. Your declaration is valid for all eligible gifts in the future and those that you have given within the past 4 years and will remain active until you notify us to cancel your declaration.

If you would like to enter the Gift Aid scheme, please complete and submit our online Gift Aid declaration. Alternatively, please download, complete and return a Gift Aid form.

How do I know if I am a UK taxpayer

  • Tax is taken from your wages or pension before you receive them
  • You have to fill out a self-assessment form
  • You have taxable savings, or a pension plan, or investment income
  • You have recently paid any capital gains tax on – this could be the sale of a property or shares.

I am a pensioner, do my gifts qualify?

You may still be paying tax on a private pension plan or a savings account, or capital gains tax if you sell property or shares. You are still eligible if you have paid enough tax during the tax year to cover the amount we are claiming on your donations.

I am a higher rater taxpayer, can you claim back the full amount?

Unfortunately we can only claim back tax at the basic rate, but as a higher rate tax payer you can request a rebate for the difference between the higher rate of tax and basic rate of tax when you submit your tax return. You can then opt to donate this to a charity of your choice.

I am not a taxpayer, but my partner is and the donations are made jointly by us. Can Gift Aid still be applied?

Yes, we will need your partner’s details and a declaration from your partner. This can be done over the phone, by completing our online Gift Aid declaration or you can download, complete and return a Gift Aid form.

What if I no longer pay tax?

Your declaration can be cancelled at any time and we will stop claiming Gift Aid on your donations. Please contact our us at or on  0161 818 4686.

What if I have agreed to Gift Aid to another charity?

You can support as many UK charities as you like through Gift Aid. You will need to return a Gift Aid declaration to each charity that you support and ensure that you are paying enough tax during the year to cover your total annual donations.

For further information on Gift Aid please visit the HMRC website.

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